St. Patrick's Day is around the corner and I love this day, especially since the man I married is an Irishman! I love figuring out new ways to surprise the kids with green food or beverages without making it looks gross! 

Hence, this is how this party suite was designed! Nothing but lucky four leaf clovers!

Don't you just LOVE these jars??? I found them at Hobby Lobby at 50% off!! Did I tell you I love them!! If you are a regular here at BellaGrey Designs, you have seen them several times in my parties or photoshoots, like here, here, and here. There are three of them on the pedestal ~ although you can't really see the one in the back filled with gumball pipettes. 

Did you see it? That wee bit O'pink??? I told you it was wee, but it makes me O'so happy!!

I know, I know, it is St. Patrick's Day and it is suppose to be green or rainbow, but I just had to add a small little ruffle!! You know me ~ I LOVE ruffles and just could not resist!! And it HAD to be pink!! *wink*

St. Patrick's Day is so fun to celebrate. How do you celebrate? Green milk, pancakes, green food all day long? I try to have green food all day long, without grossing any of us out!! 

This collection includes:

Toppers {6 different}
Decorative Labels

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Photography | Jennifer Kirlin