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May 24, 2016

4th of July Ice Cream Party

Are you as ready for summer as I am? With 4th of July, ice cream and BBQs upon us, what better way to celebrate, than to throw an Ice Cream Party?

I am sharing fun ideas and plenty of inspiration to help you start planning for your own 4th of July Ice Cream Party!

When you start to plan your party, once your theme and colors are set, everything else will fall into place. I knew I wanted to use the traditional colors for my 4th of July Ice Cream Party and included food items to match. I started with a plain bright white tablecloth so the red and blue would really pop!

Stock your Ice Cream Party with festive sweets to enjoy this All-American holiday and treat! 

On my main table, I used the Americana Burlap Bunting. It was large enough to almost cover the entire front of the table. The Patriots Pride Ribbons were attached to the corners of the table to complete the look. I love how these two set the stage for the party. I also added mini flags to the decor to bring it all together. 

For the backdrop, I went simple. I created a matching tissue tassel garland using the red, white and blue tassels. The decorative tissue balls add great dimension and color pop to the back of the table. 

Continuing with the color scheme, I placed simple ice cream toppings in waffle cone bowls such as, marshmallows, strawberries, blueberries, star gummy candies as well as red, white and blue mints. I placed the cupcakes on a long rectangular tray and added red and white sixlets to the bottom. I also had red and blue rock candy sticks on hand. I made some festive brownie kabobs to go along with our theme. Who doesn't love brownies and ice cream? 

Of course you can't have an ice cream party without fun bowls, spoons, straws and ice cream cones! Don't you just love these milk glass bottles? They were perfect to hold the spoons, straws and flags! 

I designed these fun cone wrappers, don't they match the theme perfectly?  And they make the 4th of July Ice Cream Party a bit
more festive! 

Kids and adults alike, will have fun creating their own delicious ice cream at this 4th of July Ice Cream Party! But don't take my word for it, create one of your own with our FREE PRINTABLES!

The printable set includes:

Ice cream cone wrapper
Cupcake toppers
Fill-in invitation


May 16, 2016

Strut Your Stuff ~ FREE Flamingo Printable

Happy Monday Friends! Strut your stuff into this great day! 

This sign makes me really happy and so ready for SUMMER!! 

With all the flamingos out there, I thought I would design a cute FREE Printable Sign for you to hang in your office or add to your next FLA-MINGLE Par-Tay! 

Download it here


May 9, 2016

An Angry Bird-Day Party

Hello friends, it's Jennifer Kirlin of BellaGrey Designs here to share An Angry Bird-Day Party Inspired by the Angry Bird video game. A game where players use a slingshot to launch unhappy birds into structures and enemy pigs. 

In March I had the pleasure of designing and styling Celena Vittorio's daughter Annabella's 6th birthday party. Celena Rae is the Anthemist and in-game host for the Dallas Stars Hockey Team. You may recall in 2005, Celena was one of the Top 20 Semi-Finalists on American Idol. And as you can imagine, she is as sweet as can be! 

Celena told me Annabella loves the Angry Birds video game and wanted to make it a fun party for the kids. I loved the theme and the colors! So bright and fun! I carried these colors throughout the party. She had already sent out a generic invitation, so the creative slate was clean and up to BellaGrey Designs to fill it. Feathers were flying at the BellaGrey Designs studio as I prepped for 20 small guests to come "Crash the Party". 

I wanted the kids to know when they arrived, what the theme and colors were. I decorated the mailbox and as soon as they came into the house, they immediately knew the theme. I incorporated several elements from the popular game. You will see birdcages and nests, astro-turf, a slingshot, golden eggs, TNT boxes and wooden structures {reminiscent of what the birds knock over in the game} which held the cupcakes. I used cloud paper as the backdrop for the dessert table and the runner was astro-turf. 

The kids loved the dessert table filled with sweet treats, which included an incredibly delicious double-layered red velvet cake with fondant designs from Margie Lou's Sweets and cupcakes in the party theme colors were topped with cupcake toppers from BellaGrey Designs. 

I carried the elements used on the dessert table into the colorful plates and matching napkins, which were embellished with napkin wraps. 

Celena had requested a fun game for the kids to play while at the party. I enlisted the help of my 
"prop guy"AKA my hubby to build a lifesize slingshot out of pvc pipe. While he was working on the slingshot, I got to work painting the faces on the outdoor playground balls to resemble a few of the characters in the game. I found some great eyebrows and bushy mustaches I added to Red bird and Pig.

At the conclusion of the party, we thanked the guests for "Crashing the Party" with a small gable box filled with goodies. 

To make the slingshot you will need: 

4 - 4' sections of  {1 1/2"} PVC pipe
2 - PVC elbow connectors
1 - PVC "T" connectors
2 - PVC caps
 1 - can PVC cement in clear
2 - screw hooks
1 - exercise bands
1 - can brown spray paint
1 - 1 1/2" dowel rod {3' tall} with one end sharpened to a point 


  • Put all your PVC sections together so they fit like the above photo. All connections should be tight. 
  • Adding the PVC cement each time you add another section or connector. The cement will dry quickly, so you will need to make sure the sections are straight and how you want them. 
  • Spray paint the slingshot
  • Screw in the two screw hooks to the top of the caps {these will hold the exercise band}
  • Tie the exercise band to the screw hooks tightly
  • Hammer the dowel rod into the ground to hold slingshot in place
  • Add the fun character balls and let them fly! 

Such a beautifully sweet family! 

For this party suite, please order via email

Vendor Credits: 

Jennifer Kirlin, BellaGrey Designs || Event Stylist
BellaGrey Designs || Printable Graphic Designs
Margie Lou's Sweets || Custom Cake

May 4, 2016

Vintage Mint and Pink Mother's Day Brunch Tablescape

What do you have planned for Mother' Day? No need to panic if you haven't thought of anything yet. Typically, us moms don't need much to make us happy when it comes to our families. A great way to spoil the mom in your life, whether it be your mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, Aunt or friend, is to host a simple brunch. 

Start by deciding who will be invited, will it only be for your family or will you include other moms in your life? Our pretty placeholders for each guest is a delicate touch for this brunch. 

Set a simple but beautiful table to welcome your guests. I styled my table using my late grandmother's depression glasses, I love how they matched the colors perfectly. And I pulled out the silver utensils and pitcher. Added a few Pink Peonies, because I love the fullness and color of the blooms and they are one of my favorite flowers. Most moms love flowers, am I right? 

Decide upon the menu. It can be super simple as a self-serve waffle bar or more extravagant like our sit down menu. 

Spoil mom with a mini gift for her to unwrap there at the table, include one of our beautiful favor tags as the perfect touch.

Don't forget a little sweet something for your guests. 

After brunch allow mom to do something she enjoys whether it is a little shopping or a mani-pedi. Afterall, it is her day! 

Happy Mother's Day! 

Printable Paper Designs: BellaGrey Designs
Photography: Jennifer Kirlin
Pink and White Plates: HomeGoods
Pink Striped Cupcake Wraps: Hoopla Events

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