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March 16, 2017

Mini Leprechaun Hat DIY

Are you ready to celebrate the Best Irish Day of the YEAR? If you aren't and still need a fun craft to create with your kiddos we have you covered! Most of the supplies needed, you probably already have on hand!

Supplies Needed:

  • Green Cardstock
  • Green Tissue Paper
  • Green Crete Paper
  • Washi Tape
  • Empty Toilet Paper Roll
  • 2.5" Paper Cutter
  • Shamrock Confetti or Shamrock Cut Paper or Felt
  • Glue Gun
First, cut a 2.5" circle, this will serve as the rim of the hat. Then cut the toilet paper roll in half or if you decide to use the Crete paper, measure it on the toilet paper roll {ours was less than 1/2 of the roll}, otherwise cut the tissue paper accordingly. You can either tape or hot glue the paper around the toilet paper roll. 

Next, take your washi tape {we used black and white polka dot, but gold or plain black would work too} and wrap it around the bottom half of your hat base. 

Now, hot glue the hat base to the rim {cut circle} and your hat is almost complete! Add your bling shamrocks and you are done! We created three mini leprechaun hats with three different types of shamrocks. 

All your hat needs now is Hershey Milk Chocolate Nugget bars! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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March 14, 2017

St.Patrick's Day Mini Mint Brownie Trifles | Recipe

I'm going to apologize to you right now, because you are either going to love me or hate me for sharing this recipe! This mini trifle is out of this world delicious! It is definitely one of our new favorites!  Do you remember my Coca-Cola brownie marshmallow cream bites, I made for Christmas? These are a larger similar version! My family loves brownies and you know, I love Oreo's, so creating a recipe with both is a party waiting to happen! 

Imagine this, a delicious crushed Oreo and brownie mixture, topped with light fluffy pudding and Cool Whip clouds, with a pinch of  Oreo crumbs with green sugar sprinkles! {OK, who is kidding who? I did more than a "pinch" of Oreo crumbs and green sugar sprinkles!!} *WINK 

 Are you ready to make this over the top, insanely deliciously rich trifle? Then let's get to it!

The ingredients needed

1 box of your favorite brownie mix {or you could make homemade}
1 3.4oz. box of Instant Vanilla Pudding {or use Pistachio pudding instead}
1 tub of Cool Whip
1 bag of Mini Oreo's {crushed}
1-2 teaspoons Mint Extract
Green food coloring
Green Sprinkles


  • Cook brownies accroding to box, adding in the Mint Extract
  • Make vanilla pudding according to box directions
  • Once pudding is cooked, add the green food coloring to obtain color desired
  • Crush half the bag of Mini Oreo's with a rolling pin in a Ziploc sandwich baggie
  • Once the brownies are cooled, break up in small pieces, I used approximately 3/4 of the brownies
  • Assemble the trifle by layering crushed Oreo, with broken up brownies, clouds of pudding and a dollop of Whip Cream
  • Repeat laying process until the Trifle cup is filled
  • Chill in refrigerator until ready to serve! 

What is there not to love about these mini trifle desserts?  I have been waiting for an excuse to use my new mini trifle cups and this dessert is perfect! This can also feed a crowd if you make it in a large trifle bowl.

Happy St. Patrick' Day!!


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February 27, 2017

Super Easy Easter Chick Cupcakes

We have a fun treat for you today! Whether you are hosting an Easter party or attending one, you will want these super cute Easter Chick Cupcakes to be in attendance! 

What you will need to make these darling cupcakes

  • Cake mix of your choice {we used Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge and Yellow}
  • White Frosting {our go-to store bought is Betty Crocker Whipped}
  • Black Decorating Gel {you could use mini chocolate chips instead}
  • Lemon and Orange icing color

Make cupcakes according package instructions. TIP: only fill baking cups half way. An easy way to do this is use an ice cream scoop that measures out 1/3 cup batter when filling regular size cups or one that measures out 2 tablespoons batter when filling mini cups! 

Time to color your frosting, place most of the frosting in a bowl to color yellow for the body of the chick. You will also need to set aside a small amount for the feet and beaks. I used Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing Color for the body.  For the feet/beaks I used Wilton Orange Icing Color. Add as much icing color you need to obtain the color you want. This icing color goes a LONG way with a little bit so be careful not to over do it. 

Once the cupcakes are fully cooled, use my favorite frosting tip A1 to pipe yellow frosting in a circular motion to create the Chick! Add black eyes with the Black Decorating Gel. For the feet and beak of the chick, I used my Wilton 3 piping tip, with the light and dark orange frosting. Now you have the cutest cupcakes at the party! 

I think you should host your own Easter party this year! Who's in? 

xo, Jennifer 

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February 9, 2017

Valentine Treats with Shari's Berries

There are several reasons to celebrate this month. With Valentin's Day and Mardi Gras, we are preparing some serious goodness for you!

Are you ready for Valentine's Day? It is NEXT WEEK!!! Yikes!! Don't worry we have you covered! 

Who doesn't love chocolate for this holiday {or any day for that matter}? We teamed up with Shari's Berries to share with you their New Valentine's Caramel and Pretzel Sampler {doesn't it sound delicious?}. It is, trust me!

 I love the combination of sweet and salty, what about you? When I bit into these chocolate Sel Gris Gray Sea Salted Caramels, I was a happy girl! And I can't even tell you how good the Dark Chocolate Almond Bark is, because you wouldn't believe me! You HAVE to try it! 

My kiddos loved the Caramel White and Milk Chocolate Pretzel Rods! 

This sampler is perfect for your valentine and I am sure they would share a nibble or two! lol

You can order your own Valentine's Caramel and Pretzel Sampler by clicking the link. 

**Just an FYI, the mini candy hearts on the chocolates are NOT packaged that way. They fell off the pretzel rods and we liked the way they looked so we photographed them!**

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January 31, 2017

Follow Your Heart Valentine's Day Cupid Arrows and Quiver

What is not to love about Valentine's Day? I love the colors and the joy of this holiday! Call me sappy! With two young kiddos, I enjoy making and designing new elements of this holiday, so this year, I designed Cupid Arrows with it's very own quiver! I am so excited how they turned out!

Are you ready to make your own? Let's get started!

Here's what you will need:

Wooden Round Dowels {I used 3/16"}
Spray Paint {in the colors you would like your Cupid Arrows to be}
Ribbon, Twine, Jute or Cording {whatever you would like to wrap the dowels with}
Cylinder Container ~ for your quiver {I purchased mine from the Dollar Tree}
Wrapping Paper or Scrapbook Paper to decorate the cylinder
Scrapbook Paper in the colors you want the arrow and feathers to be {I used glitter cardstock}
Matching Paper Shred
Fluffy White Feather Cupid Wings **OPTIONAL**


1) Spray paint your dowels
2) Hot glue the ribbon onto the dowel to obtain the desired look {I twisted mine and hot glued both ends}
3) Cut out the arrows and feathers {find the pattern at the bottom of the post}
4) Attach the arrows and feathers with hot glue


1) Cut the paper {scrapbook or wrapping} to the length and width of the cylinder
2) Attache the paper to the cylinder
3) Insert matching paper shred to the inside to keep the Cupid Arrows in place
4) Add a matching strap if you'd like **OPTIONAL** {I did not do this step}

Now comes the fun part! Attach the quiver to the Cupid Wings if you would like {I used hot glue to attach}

Now you can hang the Cupid Wings wherever you would like, on a door or wall it will look great and your friends will be asking you to make them some! Both my kiddos love these and they each have a set in their room. I can tell you with certainty, these are their FIRST set of arrows but will not be their last. 

I used a few of my wings and arrows on the backs of my dining room chairs at my Follow Your Heart Valentine's Day Party. More to come on the party soon. 

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December 19, 2016

Coca-Cola Holiday Party Tips

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #SavorTheMemory #CollectiveBias

December is always a very busy month for most of us, but with some planning and easy tips you will feel less stressed and more confident hosting your own holiday party!

With plaid being so popular right now, I chose the classic red and black pattern with pops of green and white for my color scheme. 

When deciding on the menu, think about your guest list, which I feel is the most important part of entertaining. You obviously know your guests, so think about what they would like to eat and what would be easy for you. Do you want a sit down meal or more of a cocktail party when appetizers will do the trick? 

I opted for appetizers for my Holiday Party. Mini grilled cheese sandwich strips paired with tomato basil soup shooters. 

The mini Coca-Cola bottles are perfect for guests to help themselves. Add an ornament to one of the bottles and fits right into your party atmosphere. 

Treat your guests to an unexpected dessert this time of year, such as Coca-Cola ice cream floats! 

Top the floats with whip cream and add a dash of holiday flair with red, green and white sprinkles! So festive, don't you think? 

Too cold for ice cream floats? Why not try these Coca-Cola brownie marshmallow cream bites? You will find the recipe and tutorial at the end of the post. 

Gathering all your beverages in one place allows your guests to mingle around the bar cart.

Serving a signature holiday drink is always a big hit at parties. Most of the time, it will be new to your guests.  

I served Cranberry Sprite with refreshing mint and fresh cranberries. Look how beautiful and festive it is. Trust me, it tastes just as fabulous! Cheers!!

Did you know to get clear ice cubes, you will need boiled filtered water? Simply pour the boiling water into silicone or metal ice trays add your cranberries and fresh mint. Allow it to freeze and you will have beautiful ice cubes like these. I love the look!

Sitting out additional ice cubes and mint, brings the festive colors into the bar cart as well as it allows your guests to help themselves to these wonderful items. 

Not all guests like to have an alcoholic beverage, by serving mocktails with a variety of ingredients and in fun glassware, it encourages your guests to try it. Do you remember the Orange Julius drink? I am sharing a copycat version with you at the end of the post. 

Provide a place where guests can gather around the fire to warm up and to enjoy the food and beverages you have worked so hard on. 

Find someone to take photos at the party. Parties are a great place for making unforgettable memories with family and friends. Choose the best photos, create a photo book with Shutterfly  and send it to your guests as a thank you! 


Now on to the delicious recipes! 


What you will need: 

Brownie Mix {I used a store bought mix}
4oz. Coca-Cola
1 cup chocolate chips {because I like my brownies really chocolatety!}
Marshmallow Cream


Prepare brownie mix according to package instructions, add Coca-Cola and chocolate chips.  Bake. Once cool, break into pieces and add to shooter glass.  

Place Marshmallow Cream into a pasty bag and squeeze onto brownie crumbles. Continue this until the shooter glass is full. 

Top off with brownie crumbs.

Signature Holiday Drink

What you will need: 

Cranberry Sprite
Fresh Cranberries
Fresh Mint

For ice cubes: 

Fill metal or silicone ice cube tray with boiling filtered water. Add cranberries and mint, freeze.


Pour Cranberry Sprite into a tall glass, add cranberry-mint ice cubes and enjoy! 

Copycat Orange Julius

What you will need: 

12 oz Orange Juice {I used Minute Maid}
1/2 cup Milk
3 tablespoons Sugar
2 teaspoons Vanilla

Using a blender, blend all the ingredients together until well mixed. 

Pour into your festive glassware and serve! Your guests will love this, as it is almost considered comfort food from when you were a kid! 

Do you have tips you use to have an unforgettable holiday party? Please share them in the comments below. 

Did you notice all the Coca-Cola products, I purchased from my local Tom Thumb to use for this holiday party? When you purchase 4 participating Coca-Cola products you will receive $20 off at now through December 28, 2016! The unique pin code will be printed out at the register so you can use it to redeem online at Shutterfly.

Coca-Cola and Sprite are available in your local Tom Thumb store in the soft drink aisle and you can find the Minute Maid Orange Juice in the milk and dairy aisle. 

Happy Holidays Friends! 
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