I get really excited this time of year to wrap all the gifts I purchased for my family and friends. I like to take the time to make each gift look special and pretty. 

My love for a beautifully wrapped gift started with my first job in high school. I worked for a high end department store in Denver, in their gift wrap center. I learned the very essence of gift wrapping, with embellishments, different textures and of course, how to make the edges of the gift crisp. 

As I’ve grown older, my fondness of gift wrapping has evolved. Black paper is one of my favorites as it is both, powerful and chic. The unexpected elements, such as vintage brooches, flowers, crystals, feathers and pearls, is what sets my gifts apart from any others. This year I went with a more glamorous Christmas theme, so I designed my gift wrapping accordingly. 

To create these beautifully wrapped gifts, I start with a few essentials. I choose my colors and purchase the wrapping paper {black, white with blush polka dots, a glitter blush and a black striped}; and ribbon - satin, velvet and striped in a variety of widths, textures and colors to match my theme; a selection of baubles, brooches, ornaments, flowers and any other decorations I can find to add to my gifts. 

 I always "shop" my house to see what I already have on hand before going shopping - this saves on time and money which is a BONUS in my book. I lay all of the elements out so I know what I have to work with. I shop all year for paper and ribbon {I may or may not have a slight obsession} so by the time Christmas comes, I usually have a variety to choose from. 

Once the gifts 
have been wrapped, you can mix and match ribbons and embellishments. This is the fun part, you can make it as fancy as you'd like or as simple, it's totally up to you, and what's even better? There is no right way or wrong way. I typically like a very simple bow so the decorative elements I choose, really stand out and sometimes a simple bow is all that is needed depending upon the paper you choose. 

Another option, if you are short on time, but still want a beautifully wrapped gift, is using the charming gift boxes in place of wrapping paper which still pairs well with your favorite ribbon and baubles. I used several black and blush pink stacking boxes, as well as white and gold ones under my tree, and I have to say I love the look of both the wrapped boxes as well as the colored gift boxes. 

I'm all about the presentation, it's nice to put the extra love and attention into something you are giving to a loved one or friend. A few years ago my mom gave me all of my grandmother's brooches, which I have used on a several of the gifts I given. 

I hope you have liked this post and will try embellishing your gifts in the future. 

Have a great Christmas season.