{LOVE this expression}

It came so fast and without much warning or too much fuss, my sweet little girl lost her first tooth! This was such a wonderful "first" time moment, so of course we had to celebrate!!!
It all began a few weeks ago ~ the kiddos and I were having lunch and Bella wouldn't eat her lunch because she kept telling me her tooth hurt, I reached over to wiggle it and to my surprise, it was extremely loose!! It was then, that I started working on a new collection ~ One Less Tooth!! 

In the photo above she had just lost the tooth, she wasn't sure if she should cry or laugh! After the shock and this photo, she just started laughing!! Uncontrollable laughter!! She kept looking in the mirror in disbelief, she had waited, what seemed to be a L...O...N...G time {8 days}for it to finally fall out and now it had! She couldn't wait to tell all her friends about it. She was so giddy with excitement ~ it was truly fabulous!!

{photo with One Less Tooth!!}

Later that day, we had a small party to celebrate the occasion, here are the details: 

I made a toothbrush as the focal point on the backdrop {tutorial to come} ~ the teeth were cut out on white glitter paper!

A month or so ago, we had a Dentist appointment and I found it funny that the Hygentist had used some funny names when referring to different parts of the exam. I asked her for more, thinking one day those words may come in handy so the kiddos don't get scared about the Dentist {little did I know those words would be used in my One Less Tooth Party Collection}.

I tried to incorporate the "tooth" in as much of the decor as possible ~ since that is what the party was about! 

I made the banner using the tooth image and strung it with hot pink tulle ~ Bella's favorite color!

The next few photos are of the Cupcake Toppers......

Teeth vitamins {otherwise known as fluoride treatment}= Nerds. 

Smelly dragon = bad breath, or in this case ~ cherry Kool-Aid.

Silly string is floss ~ I used edible Easter grass. Lucky for me the party was a few days after Easter!

These are the X-rays of the teeth, they call them teeth pictures. 

{Tutorial to come}

When I saw these molar cupcakes here, I knew I had to find a local baker to re-create these for the party!! They turned out great!!!

In keeping with the funny names, cavities are called Sugar Bugs {those are small gummy worms on top}.

I found these great gummie worms and they came with this fun gadget to make the worms glow, I knew this would be a big hit!! The kids were so excited about this, they all wanted their own sugar bugs on their cupcake, along with the gadget!!

I found this super fun tooth mold and created it with melted white chocolate. YUM!!

The mold that started it all.............the fun mini tooth cookie cutter!

My baker added some edible glitter to the teeth so they'd sparkle ~ these were SO good!!

Bug scrub = tooth paste! Such fun names!! 

OK, so this is pretty but not HEALTHY for the teeth ~ it's striped icing in Bella's favorite colors.

One of my best friends' husband is a Dentist and he donated some fun tooth brushes for the party.  

After eating all those super sugary goodies, the kiddos were sent home with a healthy goody bag, but

not before the kiddos got all tattooed up. 

Our Dentist provided me with these super cute mini treasure chests {I remember mine from when I was a kid}, I filled them with teeth {Tic Tacs}.

The kiddos getting their craft on at the party ~ making girl and boy tooth pillows: 

Grey, loves his and was happy to finally be done with this craft!! 

Bella loves her's ~ now they just need to be stuffed!!!

End result!! I used a great pattern ~ although we did vary from it a bit.

The kiddos had a great time celebrating Bella's lost tooth!! Thinking about celebrating your kiddos lost tooth? You can now find this collection in our Etsy shop! This collection is also available in more masculine colors for your son. 

Vendor List:
Paper Party Decor/Styling/Photography ~ BellaGrey Designs
Molar cupcake/Tooth cookies ~ Margie Lou's Sweets
Tooth Brushes ~ Seghers Family Dental
Dental Tattoos ~ Oriental Trading
Tooth Pillow tutorial ~ DLTK's Growing Together
Tooth cookie cutter ~ Cake Carousel
Tooth Candy mold ~ Amazon
Tooth Pillow craft supplies ~ JoAnn Craft Store

Hope you enjoyed our One Less Tooth party as much as we did!

Have a Super Great Day!!