The last day of school is upon us already ~ can you believe it? 

What are your Summer plans? Will you go on a family vacation or enroll the kiddos in a Summer program or do both? As my kiddos start to get a little older, I'm starting to think we should enroll them into some Summer programs or sports. They've never played any sports or gone anywhere except school without me ~ I know I need to let them go, but what is too young to enroll them in a Summer day camp? I love the flexibility of the Summer months, without having anyplace we HAVE to be! Do I enroll them into a program or keep them home with me? If you've done one or the other or both, I'd love to hear your stories. I don't want them to get board, but I don't want to have to have a "real" schedule all Summer either. If you have some advice, I'd love to hear it!! 

Hope you have a Super Great Day!!!