BellaGrey Designs: Rose Bridal Brunch Bar Cart

Rose Bridal Brunch Bar Cart

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Who's ready for brunch? This is the time of year you can style your bar cart and move your parties outside to your patio or backyard! Best thing about a bar cart? They are a party on wheels and what's not to love about that? I partnered with Kate Aspen to style this sweet Bridal Bar Cart, which would be perfect for a bridal brunch, mother's day, baby shower, birthday party or a girls soiree! What would you style your bar cart for?

  • Keep your color scheme to main beverage colors {Rose, pink, gold, rose gold} and pull together plates, napkins and party accessories in these pretty colors. You can always add white plates with a punch of color to match your scheme.
  • Decorate your bar cart in the same colors, adding in some foods and other beverages in the same hues. Think about giving out mini bottles of Rose Champagne as a party favor! 
  • Serve some brunch food! Keeping it simple and bite size. Head to your favorite bakery or grocery store to pick up some mini muffins, donut holes, fresh fruit and pasties. A cake stand in the hues of the bar cart will nicely hold some of the brunch food you are serving. 
  • For the toast, you will want to either serve up a signature cocktail or a Rose champagne or wine to fit your theme! 
  • Look to Kate Aspen for all the fun decor I used to style this beautiful Bridal Brunch Bar Cart! 

I hope I have left you with some inspiring ideas for your next bar cart party! 



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  3. Love it! The bar cart looks great and the food looks very yum!

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