We recently put our house on the market {March 8} to be exact! The house sold quickly ~ 14 days! YIKES!!! Don't worry, we had a house in mind to purchase and quickly put in an offer, which was accepted!

This could have been very intimidating to pack up a household of 4 in less than a month {closing is April 23} but it wasn't, because we had a plan. This will be our first move as a family, so it has been a little bittersweet for a few of us. All the memories we made in our first home - the first home we bought as a married couple; the home where we brought home not one, but both of our sweet babies and last but not least, the home where we had our very first pet puppy! We've laughed, cried and had a lot of fun in this house, but it is now time for us to move. We aren't moving far, only about 6 miles north of where we live now. I have talked with the kids about our move and at first they weren't excited because they don't know any other home but as the days have gone by, they have now embraced for our new home and the memories we will make together!
They have both picked their rooms and are so excited to have a say on how to decorate them. 

{side note: I just realize both house look a lot alike - we must really like this style house} *wink*

I will be sharing how we prepared to move in less than a month as well as more photos of our new home and all the updates we will be making.

I am super excited to share this journey with you, so come on over to Instagram, to see more photos of the new house and all the excitement of our move!