I can't think of a better way to celebrate today than with this Black Midnight Fudge Cake! Can you? 

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Did anyone else eat way too much chocolate yesterday? I know I far exceeded my normal amount. So why am I sharing this dreamy dark beautiful layer cake today? Because sometimes, I just can't help myself, I love sharing beautiful treats with you! I know you understand. 

I recently received this gorgeous crystal cake stand and I knew something fabulous had to be placed on top! It was meant to be, when I found this dreamy layer cake. This seriously makes me want to throw a party! Yes, just a cake can do that to a girl. It's perfectly normal to design a party around a cake ~ especially this cake, right?  OK, you may not have the same fascination about chocolate and cakes like I do, but you do have to agree this is a pretty fabulous cake! Even the name makes it sound fabulous. So what exactly is a Black Midnight Fudge Cake? Although I did not make it, I can describe it to perfection. It is a sweet and super moist, dark chocolate cake! It pairs well with a light cup of coffee, a tall ice cold glass of milk or my personal favorite, a glass of champagne. 

Are you ready for a slice now? I sure am! A beautiful cake stand made this dreamy cake even more so! Isn't it gorgeous? I absolutely love Amalfi Decor their items dress up any dessert or table. 
Click here to see another party I styled using these fabulous products. 

Have a great day friends! 

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