We have a fun treat for you today! Whether you are hosting an Easter party or attending one, you will want these super cute Easter Chick Cupcakes to be in attendance! 

What you will need to make these darling cupcakes

  • Cake mix of your choice {we used Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge and Yellow}
  • White Frosting {our go-to store bought is Betty Crocker Whipped}
  • Black Decorating Gel {you could use mini chocolate chips instead}
  • Lemon and Orange icing color

Make cupcakes according package instructions. TIP: only fill baking cups half way. An easy way to do this is use an ice cream scoop that measures out 1/3 cup batter when filling regular size cups or one that measures out 2 tablespoons batter when filling mini cups! 

Time to color your frosting, place most of the frosting in a bowl to color yellow for the body of the chick. You will also need to set aside a small amount for the feet and beaks. I used Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing Color for the body.  For the feet/beaks I used Wilton Orange Icing Color. Add as much icing color you need to obtain the color you want. This icing color goes a LONG way with a little bit so be careful not to over do it. 

Once the cupcakes are fully cooled, use my favorite frosting tip A1 to pipe yellow frosting in a circular motion to create the Chick! Add black eyes with the Black Decorating Gel. For the feet and beak of the chick, I used my Wilton 3 piping tip, with the light and dark orange frosting. Now you have the cutest cupcakes at the party! 

I think you should host your own Easter party this year! Who's in? 

xo, Jennifer 

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