In anticipation of the "Greatest Two Minutes in Sports", I'm off to the races with the running of the Kentucky Derby next week.

The Kentucky Derby is an event rich in tradition and exudes grace, beauty and Southern charm. It's hard not to be inspired by this race. From the spectators attire, the parties, the fabulous food and drinks to the excitement and cheers from the fans as the horses round the final turn towards the finish line. Those are only a few reasons as to way I wanted to create a styled party shoot. 

I kept the invitation simple with a vintage black and white stripe and a pop of red to represent the roses. 

Each cupcake was adorned with a silhouette horse head and topped with fresh mint. The gold spray painted horseshoes encircled the cupcakes, like the jockeys who run the race, no two horseshoes are alike.

The large fabulous hats were captured in the straw embellishments, for each Mint Julep cup.

At the Derby, the winning horse is cloaked in a garland of roses, so fresh flowers make fitting decor.

As Mint Juleps, fabulous hats and bowties are all part of this Southern tradition serving Bourbon is expected as well. Woodford Bourbon is the Kentucky Derby Bourbon of choice as well as Maker's Mark. 

Large horseracing ribbons adorned the table, which added just the right amount of whimsical. 

A few Authentic Kentucky Derby glasses were chosen to top our party table. 

As you can see, an easy and affordable way to host this Kentucky Derby party or any other party, is to add our printables as you see here, they bring the party together. What do you think? Will you be using any of our party ideas to host your own Kentucky Derby Inspired party?