Hi friends, I'm so excited to be sharing our  Sprinkle Marshmallow S'mores with you today! You may have seen the post I created for Pretty My Party, here, but I wanted to share it with you as well. 

With summer upon us, we will be thinking about S'mores! Why stick to the original s'more when you can make them like this? 

We have seen so many fun takes of the traditional S'more, so we whipped up a super easy but fun one just for you! 

These are very gooey so eat them quickly, as they will melt and start sliding. 


Graham Crackers
Marshmallow Creme
Rainbow Sprinkles
Colored Marshmallows {I used the Strawberry Hearts for Valentine's Day}
Waxed Paper

* How To

After gathering your supplies, lay down one half Graham Cracker and spread a nice thick layer of Marshmallow Creme on top. 

Don't forget to add rainbow Sprinkles! Sprinkles, like glitter, make everything better! 

Add a layer of Colorful Marshmallows.

Top with a Graham Cracker layered with Marshmallow Creme and place on top to "close" your S'more. Keep adding more layers on top of each other until you have created enough Sprinkle Marshmallow S'mores to share {or not}. 

We had originally made these to share for Valentine's Day, but you can make them anytime of the year. For an even more gooey version, place the marshmallows in the microwave for approximately 8 seconds, prior to placing on top of the marshmallow creme! You will need to eat this version quickly as they will start to melt fast! Enjoy your Sprinkle Marshmallow S'more with your family or friends! 

Photography | Jennifer Kirlin