If you follow BellaGrey Designs on social media {Facebook or Instagram} a few weeks ago you may have come across some photos of me in LA.

When I travel for business, I like to travel light {meaning a carry on only}. I throw a few of my favorite snacks in along with whatever book I'm currently reading. 

I thought I was good by leaving around 1030a on a Thursday, boy was I WRONG...... 

Everyone was there too! Little did I know it was SPRING BREAK!!! What? Already? My kiddos don't get out for another week! 

Made it to my gate in plenty of time. I was really excited for this trip.....have you guessed why I went yet? You know it was for business, but do you know what I did and who I did it with? I'll give you more hints......

I stayed at the beautiful Sunset Marquis! Let me tell you, I don't think I have EVER slept in a more comfortable bed! Those beds were incredible. 

I met up with my Party Business Bestie {my PBB} ~ Tiffany of Fizzy Party

We always have fun when we are together! 

Made a toast to a great day and looking forward to the rest of the business trip!

Visited a few "necessary" shops! 

And of course stopped by the Ban.do house.

OK, I've made you wait long enough! THE BIG NEWS IS...........{drum roll please}

If you have followed me for awhile you know about the brand Create UR Plate! I have worked with them for a few years now and love what they are doing and where they are going. When I attended BASH in January, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Sandy, and having lunch with her. We talked about her brand and she asked if I would be interested in flying to LA in March to appear in an infomercial for Create UR Plate! Can you believe it? BIG NEWS!  I, of course, told her I needed to think about it {yea right, all of 2 seconds} and told her yes! So that is the reason I flew to LA earlier this month. To make my television debut and film an infomercial for a brand I know and trust! 

I had SO much fun filming my testimonial for a brand I truly believe in. Create UR Plate's team and crew were great to work with and made my job so easy. This experience felt pretty natural to me, to be honest. I was a little shocked at how comfortable I really was in front of the camera.

Here's a short teaser clip I posted to my Instagram page, shortly after my trip:

When I receive the link for the full infomercial, I will make sure to share it with you, here! So stay tuned. It is due to release by the end of May, if not earlier!

Some of my other fabulous friends filming with me that day were, Tiffany of Fizzy Party, Kylie of Made by a Princess, Loriann of Wife of the Party, and June Ambrose {not shown}.

After filming we were all STARVING! Kylie, an LA native, took Tiffany and I to PINK'S! 

Saturday was fun day and the day to fly back home! But first we had to take in a few more sights.

Until next time.........