How adorable are these Marshmallow Snowmen on sleds? My son's birthday is around the corner and he asked if I could make Marshmallow Snowmen for his class and I of course, said "Yes"! But not only snowmen but Snowmen on sleds! 

He was thrilled when I showed up at school with these little goodies and so were all the kiddos! In fact, the kids loved them so much they didn't want to eat them, they wanted to take them home to show their moms, so their moms could re-create them! LOL So for all of you and the kiddos moms of my son's class I'm showing you how to make these adorable little guys! 

What you will need: 

Medium Marshmallows
Mini Candy Canes
Mini Mint Peppermint Patties
Pretzel Sticks
Mini Starbursts
Black Icing
White Icing or Sparkle Gel

1) Prepare marshmallows for stacking. Take your Sparkle gel and place a small amount on top of the marshmallow. This will act as your "glue". 

2) Now stack another marshmallow on top of the one that has the "glue". Set aside to dry and continue making the snowmen. 

3)  Once the snowmen are dry, take a toothpick and place in water.

Insert the toothpick where you want the nose to be.

You will be left with a small hole to insert the nose.

4) Cut the mini Starburst into wedges, like this, for the nose.

To make a point on both ends, I rolled the wedges in between my finger to give it a good shape. Now you are ready to insert the nose of the snowman. 

5) Taking your black icing, using a small tip, add the eyes, mouth and buttons onto your snowman. 

6) Taking your toothpick again, insert it into the side of the lower marshmallow, at an angle for the arms. I broke the pretzels in half. 

7) While the snowmen are drying, "build" your sleds and the snowman hats. 

Draw down the mini candy cane with your white icing and stack three canes on top of each other to build the sled.

Set those aside to dry.

8) With Oreos in hand, pull each cookie apart and remove the white centers {you can eat this part like I did or throw it away}. Place a small amount of icing in the middle and attach the mini peppermint pattie.

9) Once everything is completely dry {1 - 2 hours} attach the hat to the snowmen and the snowmen to the sleds.

Now you have some really cute Marshmallow Snowmen on Candy Cane Sleds

If you decide to make these little guys or gals,we would love to see them! 

Have a great day!