A few months ago, I created a Fashion Party for my daughter, complete with Glitter Champagne Bottles {AKA Sparkling  Cider}. I have promised you a tutorial for awhile now and thought this would be a great time to share it with you, just in case you want to make them for your New Year's Eve Party!

Here is what you will need: 

Mini Champagne Bottles or Sparkling Cider
Spray Paint {your choice of color, I used Gold}
Glitter {I used gold, hot pink and black}
Mod Podge
Paint brush or sponge
Spray Adhesive

You will need to remove the all the labeling from the bottles. Some tutorials tell you to leave the labels on and it won't matter, but I prefered to remove them for a smooth surface. 

I simply placed them in my kitchen sink with the water level up above the labels. Let them soak for about 30 minutes. 

The labels came off smoothly, but left a sticky residue behind. 

I used my kitchen scraper to remove this residue and rinsed the bottles down. 

Now I was ready to paint my bottles.

Since I wanted the tops gold also, I painted the entire bottle. So they looked like this! 

After all the bottles were painted and my glitter mixture was ready, I brushed the Mod Podge on the bottles where I wanted the glitter to adhere to. 

I then started sprinkling it on generously! You want to make sure the entire bottle is covered with a heavy coat of glitter. 

WOW! I love how they turned out! 

Once all the bottles have been glittered, I let them sit for about 2 hours to ensure they were completely dry. I then sprayed a light coat of Spray Adhesive to make sure I wouldn't leave a glitter track wherever I went. 

Rim your champagne glasses with sugar crystals for a fun and festive look! The girls loved them and so will your guests! You can see the entire Fashion Party here

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