For several weeks and even months, I have been shopping for Christmas gifts! I hide them in a special place every year. This year, I'm seriously thinking about making or purchasing some Santa Sacks for the kids for all these gifts!Have you heard of this wonderful tradition? Each year the kids have their own Santa Sack {that is a reusable drawstring bag} to hold all their Santa presents! On Christmas Eve, the kids leave the sack at the foot of their bed to be filled by Santa and placed out by the Christmas tree. All the gifts inside are unwrapped! That would save me hours of time, as we usually wrap ALL of our gifts except the large Santa gifts {bikes, basketball nets, desk...}. The tradition we had growing up is the one my husband and I have decided to keep for our kids ~ wrap all the gifts but the large ones! My husband's tradition was ALL Santa gifts were unwrapped just waiting for him and all of his siblings under and in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning! He is one of seven kids ~ can you imagine......! That scares me just thinking about it!! We only have two kiddos, but I think the thought of all their Santa gifts in one sack {each personalized with their names on it}would be a whole lot of fun! And I'm thinking my in-laws were thinking along those lines ~ no wrapping and wasting money and time on all that beautiful paper year after year, when the kids just rip through it in seconds!

Or maybe instead of buying one you would like to make one or have your mom make one {this is what I would do if my mom lived closer to me}! 
We found a tutorial for you:

Can you imagine getting up on Christmas morning to one of these beautiful Santa Sacks? These are so pretty, I might put one on my Christmas list ~ can you imagine the look on my husband's face when he reads that? hee hee

What is your family tradition? Do you wrap all the Santa gifts or leave them unwrapped? Are you now thinking about the Santa Sacks for your kiddos? Please leave us a comment, we'd love to hear!

Have a Fabulous Day!!!