This was not a normal Monday morning here at the Kirlin house! I woke my kiddos up for school. I held my 1st grade daughter a little tighter as a tear rolled down my cheek. I watched as my son, not yet school age, sleep peacefully in his bed. Wondering what the day had in store for us. As I drove my daughter up to the school this morning, I noticed many parents parking and walking their kids in, instead of just dropping them off at the curbside. I try to walk my daughter in at least every other day, just because I enjoy it and because she often requests it! Today, I too, walked my daughter in! I greeted her teachers, as I usually do, but this morning each of them were somber and as we hugged, tears weld up in our eyes. We blinked them away before the kids could see the anguish and sorrow. I gave my angel girl one last hug as I slowly walked out of the school, fighting the urge to turn around and take her back home with me! 
I, like many, have several things that need to be done for Christmas, but today it does not seem so important! My heart breaks for all the families that lost a loved one on Friday in Newton, CT!