Today is the official start of the 12 Days of Christmas celebrating my husband! 

I have 3 days of presents purchased and wrapped! I'm in the process of wrapping the others! For the first three days, I have a bottle of his favorite cologne, 2 of his favorite types of candy and a photo frame that holds 3 photos of our kiddos! I'm in trouble if he has time to get on his computer and read this post!! hee hee Lucky for me he isn't on Facebook, so he won't automatically see this!!
What are you buying your husband for Christmas? Do you buy him a lot of little gifts or one large gift or a little of both? I love spoiling my husband, so I buy him lots of little ones and usually one big one! 

Have a Great Day and I hope if you are playing this fun game with your husband you will share your ideas with all of us here at BellaGrey Designs!