While I have been busy rushing around this year between BellaGrey Designs projects and my families' needs,  I had to stop to think about one of the most important people to me ~ my husband! I have decided to give him the 12 days of Christmas this year! I know the 12 days of Christmas technically start after Christmas, but we will be starting this Thursday, December 13th, so I can show him he means the world to me! If you'd like to take advantage of this fun little game and do this for your husband it's not too late!  I am not going to go overboard, just a little token of my love and appreciation for him each day for 12 days! Do you ever do this with your husband or boyfriend?

The rules are simple:

1)  Begin on December 13th and end on December 24th {Christmas Eve}
2) Each day give your husband a small gift to correspond with the 12 days of Christmas {see the list below to get some ideas}

Can be minimal and can fit in your budget! Be creative, but this will be fun for both of you! Add some homemade goodies or coupons to help it be budget friendly!

This is what I'm thinking so far:

Day 1: One item ~ maybe give him a little larger present here since it is only on item! Or a handmade coupon for a massage by you! A book or CD by his favorite artist or author! Write him a love letter!

Day 2: A pair of something ~ gloves, socks, tickets to a concert or game {for you & him}!

Days 3 - 9: Think packages ~ candy, soda, golf balls, tennis balls, under shirts, briefs....you get the idea. My husband like photos of all of us ~ so I have a frame that holds 3 photos! Little love notes tucked inside his lunch or brief case! Stickies stuck to his mirror or inside this car! 

Days 4-11: Here's where you will need to get creative ~ but think small too! Gift cards to his favorite lunch restaurants for that amount ~ if he likes Subway think about a $7 gift card that should cover his lunch for the day! Or a Starbucks card for $10! Gift cards are great because you can get them in any amount! Maybe pack him a lunch with all of this favorite goodies inside! 

Day 12: This one is fun ~ think a dozen! Dozen cookies; a calendar {because there are 12 months},  renew his gym membership for a year or subscription! Create your own CD with all his favorite songs!

Once you have all your gifts, wrap them up and number them so you know which gift corresponds with each day! Hide them well so he won't find them. When you go to give them to him, make it a game {a little like the  Elf on the Shelf} hide a gift in a different place each day for him to find ~ his briefcase; his suit coat; in his car. If you access to his office that would be fun too!

This will take a little effort on my part, but I think my husband will be truly surprised and happy to have this new tradition! 

I don't have all my gift ideas ironed out yet, but I'm  working on it! I'd love to hear your ideas! I will share with you after the 12 days, what my husband thought! 

Have a Super Great Day!!!