Today we have Suzy from The House of Elegance Fashion blog joining us to give us some "Best Dressing Tips for Tall Women". 

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Best Dressing Tips for Tall Women

For all those women who are naturally tall maybe even more than 6 feet, fashion trends may turn out to be a disaster, be it a pair of jeans, t-shirt, skirt or dress, most of them looked turned down due to the height. Fashion trends often put out by celebrities cannot be adopted due to the height.

But here is a list of trends that can be adopted, no matter how tall you are:

·         Any burnt orange, peach or tangerine color dresses can be adopted by tall women as these can nicely compliment their height.

·         Bright yellow accessories are the in thing for tall women this season as the focus is turned to these accessories.

·         Head to toe black may be the ideal choice for someone who is tall as the color can bring out a tall woman’s great figure complimenting the height.

·         Another ideal choice for a tall woman to look sexy in is a long sleeve mini, as this dress with its full sleeve can make one look slender but shorter.

This season fill your wardrobe with colors that go with your height. The following colors are best suited for tall women, but be aware that tall women must always avoid going head to toe monochromatic. If your long dress is of a solid color, make sure to break it up with a belt or a long necklace of a contrast color.

·         Misty sun faded blue: This shade would go for any skin tone and can be your choice of a dress this season if you are tall. A contrast of white and bronze with this color would be the ideal choice to make you look more wonderful.
·         Shades of white: White is now available in so many shades, which includes beige, pearl, vanilla, ivory and champagne. Although the difference between these shades is not easily noticed, make catch pair of white shorts, skirt and blouses to add to your wardrobe.
·         Teal, Aqua and Island blue: These colors inspired by the sea are deep and true; they are also bright and rich at the same time. But you must be aware that these shades don’t appeal to every skin tone but all tall women must consider wearing them as accent colors.
·         Sun faded yellow: This shade is like the sun faded blue, much lazy at its appearance, but tall women must consider having skirts, swimsuits, tank tops or bags in this color.
·         Spicy reds, rusts and oranges: These shades are a must for every tall woman’s wardrobe as they can be worn as any item of clothing as they can kick of the spark in your look. Always contrast these bright colors with lighter shades like brown etc.

So far I have discussed about the various fashions and colors a tall woman must consider adopting; now going on to where one can actually find these to shop from. Some brands that you can check for style for tall women’s dresses include J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, New York & Company. There are many online stores where you can shop for women’s dress and more from many other brands, as well. Now you know all that you need to know to change your wardrobe this season.

Authors Bio: Suzy Walsh is fashion blogger and style expert with ‘The House Of Elegance Fashion’ who is known for her fashion sense and style picks. She writes about trends in women’s dresses and apparels and is extremely proficient in her presentation of ideas. Her style statements always click with her reader, which makes her a pro in the industry.