Good Morning!! 
I can't believe we just celebrated Easter this past Sunday and now we are looking forward to Mother's Day ~ don't forget May 13th!! Only 4 1/2 weeks away ~ what are you getting your mom? I haven't decided what I'm getting my mom or my mother-in-law, yet!! But I do know, I'll be adding our new Mini Mother's Day Collection to whatever gifts I do purchase!!
I do love the quatrefoil pattern and have for some time now and thought it would be a great pattern for Mother's Day ~ what do you think?

I really like this color combination ~ turquoise and hot pink! 

This mini collection includes:
Cupcake Toppers
3"x3" Note Cards

***It's on sale NOW***

If you're hosting a Tea for Mother's Day, you may want to try our Vintage Mother's Day Collection from last year ~ it's soft colors of grey and light pink with a Peony image are nice for a softer more vintage fete. 

Have a Super Great Day!!!