A few weeks back, our Vintage Peter Cottontail Easter Collection was featured on Kara's Party Ideas  and this photo has raised a few inquires

"What's the feathers behind the invitation for?"
"Is the invitation laying just on a bunch of feathers?"
"Pretty fluffy feathers behind the invitation, do they serve a purpose?"

Yes, the feathers served a purpose other than to make a great backdrop for my invitation during the photo shoot! It's actually a wreath I made using feather boas!!
Would you like me to show you how to make one for yourself? Fabulous!! 

First, let's gather your supplies!

Supplies you'll need:

14 - 16" Styrofoam wreath {purchase at any local craft shop}
4 Feather Boas {any color of your choice ~ each 6' long}
Wide ribbon {for the hanger}
Long straight pins
15 minutes of your time {approximately}

I purchased my boas when they were on sale ~ buy one get one 1/2 off!! Great Deal!! 

1) What you need to do first, is cut a length of ribbon to make the "holder".  Mine was 20" {remember you'll fold it in half}. Tie the ribbon in a knot around the wreath and pin it in place. 

2) Take a boa from the end and start wrapping it around the wreath form ~ try to keep it tightly together so you can't see any large gaps between the feathers and the wreath, but don't pull on the boa to hard as it will start to fall apart. Every other wrap around, secure with a pin ~ make sure you push the pin completely into the wreath form so it's not sticking up. 

3) Once you're finished wrapping one full boa around the wreath form, continue with the other boas until the wreath form is fully covered ~ making sure there isn't any large gaps between the feathers and the wreath form and that you're pinning as you go. 

4) You're done with your very own beautiful feather boa wreath!! 

As soon as my daughter saw this fluffy creation, she immediately stated it belonged to her!!! She's counting down the days until Easter so she can proudly display it in her room!! I just love how excited my kiddos get with our photo shoots and party decor!

Our entire Vintage Peter Cottontail Easter Collection is available in our shop now, click HERE to see more of this collection!

If you make the feather boa wreath, we'd love to see it!!

Have a Wonderful Day!!!