{Cupcake Toppers ~  3 designs}

You know what I love about St. Patrick's Day? I love the happiness and the traditions of it all!! I'm not Irish, but my husband is part Irish and part Italian ~ so we celebrate with the best of them. I created this collection last year and am in the process of creating something new for this year, but wanted to get your input. What would you like to see for this year's St. Patrick's Day collection? 

{Straw Flags ~ two designs}

When I was a kid, we would pinch each other if we didn't have green on, on St. Patrick's Day. What memories do you have from your childhood of St. Patrick's Day? Mom made us green jello and green milk. Now I have carried those traditions on to my kids, but also add all types of green food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do you make green food for your family? I love to hear what you make. 

Our Luck of The Irish Collection is available now in our shop!

This collection includes:
Cupcake Toppers {3 designs}
Straw Flags {2 designs}
3x3 Blank Note Cards

As always, this collection can be customized for an additional fee. 

Hope you have a Super Great Day!!!