Happy December 1st!!! WOW!! Can you believe it ~ only 24 more days until Christmas. Are you done shopping yet, I'm almost there, only have a few more to get. I wanted to share with you a fun tradition we started in our home a few years back. Elf on the Shelf!! If you haven't heard of this wonderful Christmas Tradition ~ you must learn about it.  Some of you may remember the post I wrote last year ~ click here to view it as it tells you a little bit about this fun tradition. 

{This is what the box looks like}

{This is the cute little Elf inside the box}

There's a book that comes as part of the whole tradition that explains everything to you and the kids ~ at the back of the book you write when your family started the tradition and come up with a name for your Elf!
My daughter named ours Sabrina! Not sure my son really likes the name, but since he was too small when we named her, my daughter got naming rights!!  My kids have really enjoyed this tradition. Sometimes they find her in a bowl of dry cereal, hanging out on the Christmas tree, on the TV, coloring in their coloring books, on top of the cookie jar, in a bowl of candy, sitting on their lunch boxes in the fridge, waiting for them on the vanity in the bathroom next to the toothpaste...........the places are endless and each year my husband and I have a friendly game of "who can find the best hiding place" for Sabrina. The kids have fun trying to find her & my hubby & I have fun too!! 

If you haven't checked it out yet, I hope you will. I hope you enjoyed some of the ideas where to hid "your" Sabrina this year!
I'd love to hear all of your wonderful family stories this year with the Elf on the Shelf tradition. 

Hope you have a Super Great Day!!!