Good morning to all of you!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! We had a great weekend!! We live here in the Dallas area, both our football team {Dallas Cowboys} and our baseball team {Texas Rangers} won their games yesterday!! We are super excited!! 

Since it's pumpkin season and all, I thought I'd share a great Pumpkin Cookie recipe we made this weekend. 
The kids really liked them. That's always a bonus, since they're for my daughter's class, who's studying pumpkins this week! These cookies are so soft and chewy, and not overwhelming with pumpkin flavor. 

un-frosted cookies

frosted cookies

These are so delicious, you don't even know you're eating a cookie ~ so I ate one for breakfast!! hee hee
 Who says you can't eat cookies for breakfast? I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'm thinking if I was, these would be really yummy with it!! Do you have a pumpkin cookie recipe you'd like to share or do you think you'd be making these?? Would love to hear back from you. 

Hope you have a Super Great Day!!!