You know how much I love a good bar cart, but often bar carts don't live up to their full potential. By adding a few key accessories, yours will be a true focal point.

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Pick a color scheme, so it will be easier to style. I chose red as the primary color and "shopped" my house and prop closet. I was so happy to find most of these items in my house and didn't have to purchase much at all. 

Intentionally use the top shelf of the cart as your serving space. Lining it with different types of glassware, stir sticks, cloth napkins, or anything else you may need for the drinks or food you are serving. Keeping in mind what you want your guests to use will help you determine how you should style your bar cart.

Adding other statement pieces such as books, beautiful jars, a sign, a plant or fresh flowers helps make the cart feel like it's part of your home's interior.

You don't need to style every inch of your cart. This one I styled has very little on it but makes a big impact with the bold red color and the items I chose to add to it. 


To get the cohesive look use this little styling trick, bunch like items in odd numbers. For example, I used three red single rocks glasses {these are for any spirit on the rocks} and three champagne glasses with stirrers already added. This trick fills in negative space on the bar cart. 

If you are styling your bar cart for a holiday or special occasion, add a few festive pieces to incorporate it. I added an XO lighted sign, a LOVE cake topper and the love and heart shaped drink stirrers. 

Now you are ready to pop the bubbly! If you would like to see other bar cart ideas, look here, here, here and here

I would love to see how you style your bar cart, please comment with your photos below!

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