This year we are staying in for New Year's Eve, but have invited friends over for a little cheer and to count down to the new year! This year has flown by so quick and I am very excited to see what the next year brings our way! But I know after a busy Christmas season planning a New Year's Eve party is the last thing we want to do! I am here with some great tips to help you plan your NYE party! 

When I plan a party, I always start with a color palette and go from there. I am seriously loving all the metallics this year, they just scream glam! You can see a party here, here, herehere and here all using metallic colors. So styling my NYE party is no different. Black and gold are pretty standard NYE party colors, but I incorporated green into the mix and LOVE it!  

I used the gold foil balloons from Northstar as my focal point and backdrop, a fun party hat was added to each end, to make the balloons a little more festive! As a backdrop, you simply move the bar cart out of the way and bust out your cell phone for a selfie! 

Party horns, balloons, confetti and glitter toppers all make this party celebration worthy! Not to mention a bar cart, it's like a party on wheels, am I right? This party essential is such a great item to have on hand. It allows your guests to "help themselves". Serve cupcakes, donuts, cookies, popcorn - anything your guests can grab and go! 

You know I love a good cupcake and cookie, but I love the ease of simple glazed donuts stacked on a pretty cake stand too! Using my Cricut, I cut out black, gold and green glitter toppers to mark this fun party! I am a big fan of store bought goodies that I can dress up with sprinkles, crushed candies, mini donuts and fun glitter toppers! It takes the stress out of having to order weeks in advance from a bakery. 

For the table, I love layering different sized plates to give dimension to the table and a more cohesive look. Instead of using place cards, I placed different cookies and party horns on each plate. The party horns were dressed up with a short strip of green feather boa and topped with a glitter bow, I created with my Cricut! I really do love that machine!

Each place setting not only had their own party horn and cookie, but also a party hat and mini favor box which held a delicious champagne truffle. Our guests had a mini party at the table. 

Instead of flowers or candles down the middle of the table, I opted for several 10" honeycomb balls, which I found at Target {my home away from home} in the colors of my choice.

At the ends of the table I laid out the Happy New Year banner I purchased at Target. I am excited to ring in the new year with friends, but I'm most excited how easy it was to plan this party and even though it looks like it took a lot of time, it really didn't! 

My tips to help you plan your NYE party:
  • One stop shopping ~ Decide what you want to serve at your party. Target and World Market carry pretty much everything you may need/want.
  • Make a list - shop online if you can. It will save you time and money. 
  • Buy as much of the food items pre-made, this will save you the most time and stress
  • Set up the day before your party. I always do this and it helps the stress level + I am OCD and need to have everything perfect! 
  • Attend your own party! This is the most important tip I can give you, enjoy your party! 

I hope our New Year's Eve party + tips inspired you to host your own! 

Happy New Year Friends! 


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