Halloween is only 23 days away!! 23!!! YIKES!! If you are still in need of a super fun and easy costume keep reading! This DIY costume is for you! 

When I was asked to team up with Kroger to design a costume only using products from their store, I was excited at all the possibilities! Several ideas popped into my head immediately, but only a few stuck.  Being a party stylist I instantly thought about a jar of sprinkles after all, sprinkles do put a smile on everyone's face right?! What could be more fun?

I took a trip to my local Kroger store to gather my supplies, BONUS *only 7 items are needed*: 

2 White poster boards
1 roll white Duck Tape
1 roll hot pink Duck Tape
1 tin pie pan
1 headband
90 colorful round balloons


1) Duck Tape the two poster boards together {ONLY on the long sides of each board}
2) Lay the poster boards on the ground and have the wearer lay on top to mark the arm holes
3) Cut out the arm holes
4) Blow up several balloons in varies sizes
5) Begin placing the balloons on the poster board and hot glue into place {I used 45 balloons per side}

6) Once all the balloons are glued to the poster board, it's time to make the cap. Our pie pan had decorative sides so it easily resembled a cap. Start by cutting strips of the Duck Tape to fit the top of your cap. Continue covering the pie pan until it is completely covered in your color choice of Duck Tape, making sure even the edges are covered. 

7)  You will now take your headband and tape it to the inside of the pie pan. This will hold the "cap" in place on the wearer's head.

8) Have the wearer place the jar of sprinkles gently over their body. My daughter wore a white long sleeved shirt, white tights and white hi-tops. Lastly, add the "cap" and you are done! 


Are you ready for Halloween? If not and you need a super simple and fun costume for yourself or your child, this is it and it comes with the FREE Sprinkles Galore sign, you can download it here

If you decide to make this costume, I would love to see photos. You can email them to me at Jennifer@BellaGreyDesigns.com or share them on social media and use hashtag #BGDHalloweenHack 

Have fun friends! 

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Styling/Photography | Jennifer, BellaGrey Designs