Jell-O is a great inexpensive way to treat your family to a delicious dessert. It doesn't always have to be served in a bowl. You can dress it up and make it look fancy like we did for our Elves Arrival Breakfast.

Gather your ingredients and supplies: 

3 oz. box Jell-O {we used cherry}
Whip Cream {we used Cool Whip}
4-6 serving cups
Muffin pan

Mix Jell-O according to directions and add the liquid to your serving cup, as shown below. We filled our's up to the middle of the cup. You can add more or less depending on the slant you are wanting to achieve. 

In the refrigerator, set the cups in a muffin pan and tilt the cup to the desired slant you want. 

Let the Jell-O set according to directions. Once set, add whipping cream. If you would like to dress it up a bit add fresh fruit or sprinkles on top. My family loves it just the way it is!  Love how it looks like it was harder than it was. So simple and very inexpensive too!

These mini Jell-O dessert treats made their debut at our annual Elves Arrival Christmas Breakfast, see it here!