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December 8, 2016

Special Delivery from the North Pole

It's December, which means we are having our annual Elf Christmas Breakfast! For the last several years, the elves have made an arrival breakfast for my kiddos. This year was no exception! Instead of going with the traditional red and green, they styled the breakfast table using a splash of black. I love how it pulls everything together. 

My kiddos loved everything Sabrina and Frosty made them and were a little shocked it was in the formal dining room, as was I!

These snowmen were their favorite! Who can resist pancake snowmen with a bacon scarf, chocolate chip eyes and powdered sugar snow? I would be all over it!

Aren't these reindeer cinnamon rolls adorable? You simply take mini cinnamon rolls and add the candy eyes and red hots for the noses! So simply and what a great breakfast treat. 

 What a fun breakfast party! My kiddos love when their elves come each year.

This was the perfect idea. We dropped a mini cupcake into an egg cup! Brilliant! It is the perfect size and dressed up the cupcake too. 

Can't have an arrival breakfast if you don't have a note spelling out the rules about being good and Santa coming. 

Mini Jell-O cups were eaten first, I think! My kiddos love Jell-O. Find the tutorial on how to make these delicious dessert cups, here.

You can find this Special Delivery Note Card in our shop along with all our fun elf items from years past. 

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