Hello friends! I am super excited to share with you small bits of my office make-over. Please keep in mind, the make-over will be in small bits here and there as I gather all my ideas and make them into reality. 

A little background: My office is above the garage in our house and originally planned to be my husband's man cave. Well fast forward twelve years later and throw two kids into the mix and it's become my office/guest room/storage. Can you relate? I would love to have my own space but that would require us to move and at this time, we are not even close to thinking about that venture!

This is not totally ideal but you work with what you have, right? Needless to say, there is a bed in one corner of my office and all my "props" are in dressers, bins and tubs on the other side of the room. My office has three large windows and lets in great natural light. Which I love for photos. But because this space is also used for guests, I don't have a lot of room for BellaGrey Designs. Anyone else have this issue? 

My Type-A personality was going crazy! I know sometimes you need mess to be creative, but I also really crave organization! 90% of my business is on the computer designing images for clients and completing day-to-day work. As I get busier, with blogging, styling, photo shoots, editing and taking on new responsibilities and clients, I know it is time to start focusing on my workspace. 

 I really like having a clean and organized office to walk into every day. So, to make the space my own, I have started to clean out the clutter and reorganize the necessities for BellaGrey Designs to run and function 

The first order of business was to get rid of the large eyesore - the bookcase which held everything from my husband's law books {30+ years old} to my high school and college yearbooks! What? Are you kidding me? Do people even keep those anymore? 

I have always loved interior design and worked as a Merchandise Manager for a large department store in Denver, for several years. My favorite part was designing the main outside windows for Christmas! I wanted to go to school to be an interior designer, but my dad thought it was best if I actually obtained a BA instead. So off to school I went to graduate with a BA in Business with an emphasis in marketing and advertising. Good news, I am going back to school next month for Interior Design! You can read all about it here

The inspiration: If you follow BellaGrey Designs on Pinterest, then you have seen my Home Office Board. I have a lot of inspiration right there friends. I love wide open spaces, with great natural light and ORGANIZED! Pink, gold, black and white, stripes and turquoise. I love these colors and they seem to speak to me in a design sort of way. 

If you really want to see what this bookcase looked like before, the HORRIBLE photos are at the end. I am telling you, I am a little embarrassed how it looked, but I LOVE the end results! I will be happy to answer any of your questions and I will also give you some pointers on how to make your bookcase look beautiful! 

I could not resist on taking a photo after I had cleaned it out! I almost thought about leaving it like this, just because it looked so much nicer! 

I love how it turned out and what's even better? I shopped my house to find all the great items for this re-do. I am so happy with how it all came together. 

TIPS: I used the triangle method to arrange my shelves. Remember your art class in high school where they taught you about perspective and triangles? You can put it to use here on your book shelves. Choose the triangle shape you want {Equilateral, Scalene or Isosceles} and design your bookshelves from there. Remember the ABCs: Accents, Books and Collections. I don't collect anything, but rather have a few great accent pieces around the house. I did find a few of my husband's law books I wanted in the right colors and I added the mini collection of pineapples I have. It's an obsession I have right now. I love how the black and white striped items pulls it all together. 

My husband says "it's not really functional as a bookcase anymore, but it sure is more pleasing to the eye!" I'll take that compliment any day! Thanks hon! 

Here is the horrible before photo! I'm embarrassed, but I want to show you how to turn this bad image into a really pretty one! I love this part of my office now. 

Can you believe this mess is gone and it is a pretty site now? What little part of your office or home would you like to make pretty and organized? I would love to cheer you on and help with any questions you may have.