Are you as ready for summer as I am? With 4th of July, ice cream and BBQs upon us, what better way to celebrate, than to throw an Ice Cream Party?

I am sharing fun ideas and plenty of inspiration to help you start planning for your own 4th of July Ice Cream Party!

When you start to plan your party, once your theme and colors are set, everything else will fall into place. I knew I wanted to use the traditional colors for my 4th of July Ice Cream Party and included food items to match. I started with a plain bright white tablecloth so the red and blue would really pop!

Stock your Ice Cream Party with festive sweets to enjoy this All-American holiday and treat! 

On my main table, I used the Americana Burlap Bunting. It was large enough to almost cover the entire front of the table. The Patriots Pride Ribbons were attached to the corners of the table to complete the look. I love how these two set the stage for the party. I also added mini flags to the decor to bring it all together. 

For the backdrop, I went simple. I created a matching tissue tassel garland using the red, white and blue tassels. The decorative tissue balls add great dimension and color pop to the back of the table. 

Continuing with the color scheme, I placed simple ice cream toppings in waffle cone bowls such as, marshmallows, strawberries, blueberries, star gummy candies as well as red, white and blue mints. I placed the cupcakes on a long rectangular tray and added red and white sixlets to the bottom. I also had red and blue rock candy sticks on hand. I made some festive brownie kabobs to go along with our theme. Who doesn't love brownies and ice cream? 

Of course you can't have an ice cream party without fun bowls, spoons, straws and ice cream cones! Don't you just love these milk glass bottles? They were perfect to hold the spoons, straws and flags! 

I designed these fun cone wrappers, don't they match the theme perfectly?  And they make the 4th of July Ice Cream Party a bit
more festive! 

Kids and adults alike, will have fun creating their own delicious ice cream at this 4th of July Ice Cream Party! But don't take my word for it, create one of your own with our FREE PRINTABLES!

The printable set includes:

Ice cream cone wrapper
Cupcake toppers
Fill-in invitation