We love to Boo our neighbors and friends the weeks leading up to Halloween. It has been a family tradition since my kiddos were old enough to walk. I designed this FREE printable a few years ago and it has been one of our most frequent free printable downloads!

We bake a few goodies and place them either in a decorative box, print out a few of our fun FREE printable "You've Been Boo'd" signs and instructions then sneak out after dark and secretly deliver them. My kiddos love to leave the goodies at the front door, ring the doorbell and run or hide in the bushes! Try not to get caught. Although we usually get caught because we are laughing so hard. The kids love this tradition. We have even sent it through the mail to their Grandparents and Cousins. If you have several friends and family in your neighborhood, this will be fun to watch as it grows. Maybe it will even come back to you. 

Here's the instructions for you to start your own tradition: 

Download your FREE printable here! Do you Boo your neighbors and friends? We would love to hear your story. 

Happy Booing, Friends!