If you plan on partaking in some Cinco de Mayo Fiesta festivities this year, make sure you know which Margarita is yours! These fun drink markers make finding your Margarita easy! 

Are you ready to make your own drink markers? With only 3 items needed to make them, they are easy and very cost effective! 
What you will need: 

Several different colors of crepe paper
Double sided tape or glue dots

Cut 4' of crepe paper in the colors you want. We made enough for 6 people. 

Place the crepe paper around the stem of the margarita glass and simply add tape to the inside. 

We placed our glass on a towel so it would not roll as we cut the fringe ~ just snip the crepe paper so it looks like this:

And now you have a festive Margarita Drink Marker! 

Ole! Have fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo!