Sing it with me........
With Easter less than a week away, we created fun FREE Easter Bunny Footprints just for you, our BellaGrey Designs friends! We love to keep the imagination flowing at our house with bunny footprints all over! The kids get so excited to see that the Easter Bunny has come when we get home from Mass.

Here is the stencil with the paw pads cut out. We used baking soda to sprinkle over our stencil, but you can use any type of powder, flour or even baby powder! 

We removed the stencil and this is what is left behind! We went a little heavy on the baking soda so you can really see the image!  

This is what both the large and small footprints look like once you have sprinkled powder over them! You can create the ones with or without the outlines. Whichever you prefer. We showed you both! 

To download your FREE Easter Bunny Footprint Printable, Click HERE

Have a Great Day!