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Today we are sharing, our Elf on the Shelf Hot Cocoa Bar! 

Do your kids have the Elf on the Shelf? We have TWO! One for each of the kiddos. Sabrina and Frosty came to visit us on December 1st for the first time this season. My kids were so excited when they woke up to a Hot Cocoa Bar hosted by their elves! 
As I was thinking about the design for the return of the elves, I remembered I had purchased this table cloth a few years back and thought it would be fun for a Vintage Christmas party. I created all the designs with a very similar Tartan pattern. I'm so excited how it came out - it matches perfectly! 

As any fabulous Hot Cocoa Bar should have, we chose some seasonally delicious treats to add to our hot cocoa this morning. 

Several different types of marshmallows are a must have for a successful Hot Cocoa Bar. We decided on the mini {aka snowball}, Peppermint and Vanilla Snowmen marshmallows. As an added treat, I made some hot cocoa marshmallow mugs. 

The kids had their choice of cold chocolate milk or hot milk to dip the chocolate sticks into. They chose both, of course. Add a mini candy cane to the hot cocoa and you instantly have hot chocolate mint! 

Both of my kids thought is was so great to have hot peppermint cocoa and reindeer donuts before school! The added bonus was the "candy" factor! 

These little cuties were so easy to make and made a great impression on the kids too! Four ingredients are all you need - mini chocolate donuts, mini pretzel twists, red hots and candy eyes - that's it! 

Frosty and Sabrina left behind some Dear Santa cards for the kids to fill out so Santa knows what to bring them. This past weekend my kids made their lists and each have about four pages! I'm hoping they will pick their top three and write them here for Santa to see. 

Each one of the kiddos received a personalized Elf Report telling them, their elves would be reporting back to the North Pole each night with a report and to be good! My son has an issue to temper tantrums, so we are hoping to nip this in the bud! Keeping fingers crossed!! 

We hope you enjoyed our Hot Cocoa Bar as much as the kiddos did this morning! 
You can find all this Party Suite in our shop today! 
The Elf Hot Cocoa Bar Party Suite includes: 

Welcome Sign
Elf Report Card
Dear Santa Card
Straw Flags
Food Labels

How do you celebrate the arrival of your elf? 


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Marshmallows | Jet Puffed
Mini White Mugs + Saucers | IKEA
Square Milk Bottles | UR Party
Chocolate Sticks | Home Goods

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Have fun!