A few weeks ago, we participated in Design Dazzle's Christmas Wonderful series! Last year was our first year to participate in this series and if you forgot what we created you can see it here

This year, we created a Marshmallow Pop DIY for the kids.

{Flourish Tag ~ FREE download}

Gather all your supplies: 

Jumbo or Extra Large Marshmallows
Sprinkles or Edible Decorations
Flavored Candy Melts {we purchased red, green, chocolate, confetti and vanilla}
Paper Straws
Mini Treat Bags

Start by melting the candy melts in individual bowls, in the microwave, stirring at 30-second intervals or until the candy is melted ~ be careful not to burn it.

Take the marshmallow and dip into the melted candy, letting the excess drip off or remove it using a butter knife. 

Then sprinkle with the edible decorations. 

Place the finished marshmallows on a hard surface covered with waxed paper to allow to dry and harden.

Once the marshmallow is completely dried, place a small hole in the middle of the marshmallow and insert a paper straw.

Place your completed {and dry} Marshmallow Pop in a clear bag add pretty ribbon, tie off with our FREE Whimsical Christmas Stocking Tag and you have a fun, easy, delicious treat to give to friends and neighbors!

{I think the two littlest ones were less than thrilled to get their photo taken}

 My kiddos took them to school the next day and handed them out to their teachers and friends. Everyone was shocked they were Christmas themed and it wasn't even Halloween yet!! The life of a party stylist family! 

We hope you enjoy the new FREE printable tags we are sharing with you! 

Each child had their own version of what the perfect Marshmallow Pop looks like! They had so much fun making {and eating} these yummy treats! We would love to see your creations. 

Have a great day!