BellaGrey Designs: You've Been Booed! signs

You've Been Booed! signs

One of our favorite traditions during this month is "Booing" our neighbors! It makes the perfect family activity! We make the treats {sometimes eating most of them}, print off the fun poem and then sneaking to our neighbors house and leaving these fun signs and treats behind. We ring the door bell then run like crazy so we don't get caught! My kiddos love this! 

Today, we are sharing some of our Boo printables ~ and they are FREE!! Enjoy! 

This one is from last year:

Hope you have fun with these and make your own tradition! 

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  1. I like these ones! It's such a fun family tradition. My sisters and I would always "boo" people when we were kids and my wife and I are keeping the family tradition going. Check my blog to see the signs we ended up using around our neighborhood this year:

    Thanks for sharing!



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