Hello everyone! This is Toni from Creative Designs by Toni and I am stopping over here at BellaGrey Designs to share with you this great DIY Halloween craft that I created using items I already had on hand.

It’s a very simple and easy craft which was perfect because I do not seem to have much free time these days. I have been seeing these awesome lanterns on Pinterest made from mason jars. I loved them and knew I had to make some myself.
So I grabbed my supplies and got right to work!

Supplies you will need:
Mason jars – I had a few jars on hand, but can purchase from Walmart, dollartree, etc. for $1.
Spray paint – Now the tutorials on Pinterest called for tissue paper and modge podge. I did not have any tissue paper. So I just resorted to spray paint. Not ideal but worked great. If using paint, an acrylic craft paint would probably be the best to use.
Vinyl Decals or paint stickers, etc for face – I was able to cut out my own faces for the jars. But can just as easily use stickers, paint, sharpie, etc. You can even find a design online, print it out and then trace onto your jar or use as a stencil as well.
Ribbon – to finish up your jars.

Let’s get to crafting –

Start with plain, empty jars and paint each one your choice of color. I choose white and orange. Be sure to let dry completely! 

Add your face decals or paint them on. Along with your ribbon. Can also add a creepy, scary Halloween design as well

I added a candle to the inside on the jars for an added glow.

Finally, just set out and enjoy your hard, crafty, work.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Halloween craft. I hope you enjoyed it. You can join us on our crazy adventure at www.facebook/creativedesignsbytoni or at www.creativedesignsbytoni.com. See you there! 

Thanks, Toni, for this fun Halloween craft project! 
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