Whew! We were in a whirlwind for the last two weeks ~ on Saturday, July 20th we had my daughter's birthday party {Luau Island party ~ more to come on that} then we headed out to Colorado to visit my family, two days later. A last minute trip and the last one for this summer! Can  it really be August already? Hard to believe both of my kiddos will be in school this year! This will give us more time to concentrate on BellaGrey Designs! 
The kids are awesome road trippers ~ a 13 hour trip to Colorado is always well worth it! The first night we were there, the kids spent the night with their Aunt and Uncle and cousins! 
We made a few little day trips ~ one to Cheyenne, Wyoming for Frontier Days and the Rodeo and one to Estes Park, Colorado! The kids had so much fun!! We attended the morning parade first {I haven't been to Frontier Days since I was a kid and we would walk from my grandparents house to the parade}. 

My sweet silly sister doesn't like her photo taken, but you can tell my kiddos are hams and my niece wasn't sure either! :)

Take a look at some of the fun signs we found at the carnival after the rodeo. 

Each summer when we go home we always play night putt-putt with all the kids! It's a tradition since I moved from Colorado 12 years ago. My oldest nephew still hangs out with us ~ it's always so much fun. 

On Sunday, we met my BFF for lunch down town at Jack N' Grill ~ if you haven't eaten there, you really need too! This smothered burrito was so HUGE and so GOOD!! It was as big as both of my hands put together! YIKES!! They are famous for their 7lb. burrito, which the table next to us full of college boys ordered, so I asked them if I could take a photo! Here it is:

Next to mine! It puts mine to shame!! LOL

It was a little chilly on Sunday morning so we dressed for the weather, but by afternoon it was nice and warm! We had to take at least one family photo from our trip! 

And of course, at least one with one cousin is a must!! {You may have seen this one on Instagram}. Do you follow us? If not, we would love for you to follow HERE!

The drive home yesterday morning! Beautiful sunrise! I always cry when I have to say good-bye to my family! I LOVE Dallas, but really, really miss Colorado and my family and friends!! 

The kiddos had a great time with their cousins; aunt and uncle and grand parents! And slept most of the way home! We miss everyone already and the kids are ready to go back! School starts in two weeks! 

Happy Summer everyone! Hope you had a great one!! Did you travel this summer, if so, where to?