A few months ago, we were asked by one of our customers {Allison} if we could make our Rock Star Party Collection more fitting for a baby's first birthday! That is when Rock Star Baby Party Collection was born {so to speak} *wink*.
Don't the black plates look like the old records {yep, I'm dating myself}! For all you young ones out there ~ records were here before CDs! 
The banner is numbered from NB {new born} to 12 {months ~ that is!}. We love how Allison hung photos of Haley at each month milestone! What a fun idea to see how your little one has grown. 
The Rock Star Concession Stand held all types of goodies! 
At the end of the party, the kiddos went home with some goodies from the concession stand ~ their choice.
Allison expressed she would like to add 4" stickers to some black buckets she wanted to use for the centerpieces ~ she also added long 2" toppers to the buckets!
Allison had personalized tambourines and maracas for the kids along with a CD with some of Haley's favorite songs as part of the party favors! 

This is a fun idea ~ the party doesn't have to end ~ continue it for several more days at home with this personal CD. 

After all that dancing you will need to quench the thirst with mini bottles of water! 

What a GREAT family photo!!
Thanks Allison for sharing Haley's 1st birthday party with us!! Happy Birthday, Haley! Hope your day was fabulous! 

You can purchase this collection in our shop

Have a Rock Star Day!!