BellaGrey Designs: Fabulous Friday Finds

Fabulous Friday Finds

Today we are sharing DIY projects, Decorating ideas, Parties, Recipes, Faux desserts and more!
Welcome to Fabulous Friday Finds ~ a weekly round up of some great inspiration!
I don't know about you, but I LOVE DIY projects!! It makes me feel like I accomplished something when I finish a project ~ whether it be small or large! Here are a few of our favorites! These are perfect for  Summer ~ that is just around the corner!!  I know Spring just started, but I'm ready for warmer weather! How about you? 

Heather from Hello My Sweet created a FREE Download for you to print off for the next time you are Cupcake Decorating

And if you are looking for a book to read, try 6 steps to planning an event, by Tonya of Soiree Event Design! Did I mention she is giving away 3 copies!! You have to enter is this giveaway!

Now on to the parties! A dinosaur, Squinkies, potty training {yep, you read that right} and an Easter egg hunt! 

This is a super cute dinosaur party! Stephanie of Spaceships and Laser Beams is sharing 30 ideas for dinosaur parties! 

Little Friends, Squinkies inspired party D&P Celebrations created the Little Friends printables

Can you believe how cute this Potty Training Party is? What a great theme!

My Paper Pinwheel created this fun Easter Egg Hunt

For your next party ~ wouldn't these be fun to trick your guests? Yep, soaps that look like desserts! OK that would not be so nice ~ but don't they look REAL?

We have two recipes to share with you! I might just have to try them this weekend!! Yes, they sound THAT good! 

I made Sweet Potatoes for Easter, but I wish I would have had this sweet potato recipe! Thanks Magnolia Creative Company for sharing this!

Hold on to your socks for this next recipe! I LOVE s'mores & this s'mores cupcake recipe is calling my name!

This concludes this week's Fabulous Friday Finds! We hope you enjoyed this weeks round-up and were inspired by what you saw today!

Have a Great Weekend, friends! 



  1. Love the 'Be The Good' print. And boy are people creative with versions of S'mores!

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