Last week we introduced our new St. Patrick's Day Collection ~ Lucky!! You can read it here if you missed it. We added a cute little hot pink ruffle to one of our paper straws, today we want to show you how we made it so you can add a little extra fun to your next celebration.

It is really quite simple! 

Here's what you will need:

Crate paper ~ any color
Hot Glue or glue dots

1) Gather your materials

2) Cut 5 1/2" strips of crate paper  for each straw ruffle you want to make 
{you can make the strip shorter, but the ruffle may not be as full}

3) Fold the crate paper in half

4) and then in half again

5) Now take your scissors and make small cuts into the paper {make sure you don't cut all the way up to the fold}

6) Take the paper and wrap it around the straw ~ tight enough so it won't fall down the straw, but not too tight that you crush the straw

7) Attach the paper with either hot glue, glue dots or tape

8) With your pointer finger, pull down on the cut edges of the paper ~ this will make the ruffle part

9) And there you have it  ~ a cute little straw ruffle!!

See I told you it was easy!! 
Now take your cute straw to a party!!! Or you could always build a party around the straw!! I've been know to do that!! I know, us crazy party girls come up with some silly ideas!! 

We would love to see what you come up with to dress up your straws! 

Here is a condensed version you can print so you have it with you while you make your ruffle:

Have a great day!!