Look what we found in my son's room yesterday while we were re-organizing it!!!

Yep...... a SCORPION!!!! YIKES!! Thank goodness it was dead, but it does not appear to be dead long, since everything is still in tact!!! Needless to say, we cleaned EVERYTHING in his room ~ dumped out toys, shook blankets, pick everything up off the floor!!!! 

We haven't seen one of this nasty things in a LONG time ~ in our house anyway! A few years ago we dealt with them shortly after we had our house built, but have not seen them since!! I called the Bug Guy and he'll be out tomorrow! Not soon enough for me!! The kids don't know about it ~ because they would FREAK ~ like mommy did and will continue doing until the Bug Guy gets here tomorrow!! We normally don't wear shoes in the house, but after finding this, we have all started wearing shoes!!! I can't even walk around the house in the dark without shoes!! 

Come on tomorrow morning!!!! I am just so scared one is still in the house and will sting the kids!! Have you ever seen one of these or have to deal with them at all? Any suggestions on how to keep the family safe from them, until tomorrow morning?