I'm sure I'm like most moms out there trying to find the best food items for their kiddos. I tackled the never ending question this weekend when I went grocery shopping {a two hour process ~ that I dread}, "what did you buy?"  I always try to find some fun way for the kiddo to enjoy their meals a little more. 

Well a few months ago, I spotted these fun milk flavoring straws at the store and thought, "hmmm, those might be fun for the kiddos to drink their milk in the morning!" So I checked to make sure they were peanut/nut free ~ as both of my kiddos have a severe allergic reaction to nuts. We were good to go ~ NUT FREE!!! 

So basically, all you have to do is open the package and insert the straw, which contains mini chocolate beads, into a open glass of milk! {you know whats coming next........}

We were doing fine until the little dude decided to start blowing bubbles with his milk and T H E R E went his cup ~ tipping over, as in slow motion as I was across the kitchen!! All over his breakfast, all over his sister's breakfast........UGH!!! All over the table and floor! And of course we are running late too!! 

Anyway back to my story about these straws ~ angel girl LOVED them, the little dude not so much!! All you have to do is sip the milk through the straw and PRESTO!!! Your white milk turns into chocolate milk ~  Just Like That!! 

I can see these going in our snack bag as we travel ~ a fun and oh so easy way to have chocolate milk on the run!!!

 I thought I'd share my experience with these ~ have you tried them or do you plan on doing so? I'd love to hear your stories! 

Have a Super Great and Creative Day!!