Do you have a daughter who LOVES headbands? You are NOT alone!! My daughter LOVES her headbands and every chance she gets, she asks me to buy more. I walked into her room the other day and this is what I saw

A mess of headbands!! So I thought, "I need to organize these better!" Today is the day I conquered it!

I made a headband organizer with these simple supplies from around the house:

One empty Oatmeal container
Double sided tape
Regular scotch tape
Heavy wrapping paper

1) Measure the Oatmeal container

2) Cut your wrapping paper to fit the container 
{I used some paper with grids ~ this helps a lot to cut straight}

3) Tape one edge of the wrapping paper to the container

4) Wrap the paper around the container, making sure it goes all the way around and tape the other edge

5) I then started to tape the top edge down onto the lid of the container ~ I decided to go circular around the lid. I taped down all edges when I finished.

6) This is what it looks like all taped down {I didn't worry about the little space showing on the top, because I'm going to cover it}

7)  I created a small paper flower out of  tissue paper and added that to the top of the headband container

8) This is what the container looks like completed!! 

9) Here it is with all her headbands {OK just the large flowered ones}! 

Completed project ~ Now you can see her name on the cute box her God Mother gave her {with all of the plain headbands on the back wall of it}. 

Not bad for 10 - 15 minutes of my time!! Her dresser looks so much better and so do her headbands. If you decide to try this fun quick tutorial, please send photos ~ we'd love to see how yours turned out!!

Have a Super Great Day!!!