I've had many requests to share the tutorial for these super fun and easy glass bottle snowmen, we made for our Shiver Christmas Collection
Here's my version of this great craft:

  • a 9.5 oz. bottle {can be glass or plastic}
  • white doughnut holes
  • felt squares ~ cut into strips
  • snowflake embellishments
  • plastic top hats
  • "snowman" carrot nose
  • cookie decorating gel
  • straws

Starbucks  Mocha Frappuccino  12/9.5 oz

  • We used these great bottles ~ had to drink at least 6 of them for this photo shoot ~ thankfully not in one day!! After they were empty, we removed the plastic label and we had a great bottle for our project. **These also work really well as drinking bottles for other parties** Just saying!! Add some milk for the "body" of the snowman.
  • Take the doughnut hole and add some eyes with the black cookie decorating gel {found in the baking section of a grocery store or craft store}. Take the doughnut hole and pierce a hole through the center with a ice pick or large food pick. 
  • Pierce a hole through the top of the top hat with a ice pick or another sharp object ~ make the hole large enough to fit the straw through it. Place the straw through the top hat and doughnut hole & into the milk. Glue or use double sided tape to attach snowflake to hat. **Found all the embellishments at Hobby Lobby**
  • Place the snowman's "nose" into the doughnut hole
  • To make the miniature scarf, cut felt into 12 1/2" strips and tie around neck of bottle. Place a few snowflakes on the scarf ~ the snowflake will stick to the felt, but you can glue them too. 

That's all there is to it!! So easy! I got the idea when I saw this snowman, but wanted to add some other fun twists to it. 

Do you have any other ideas on how to make these cute snowmen? I'd love to hear about them and see them!!

Merry Christmas from BellaGrey Designs!