I just had to share this ~ you know I LOVE hot pink and black, right? Right!! I fell in love with this super cute wallet when I first saw it at Charming Charlie's!! Have you ever been to one?? If not, be aware!! Oh the purses, wallets, accessories..........it was like a really good dream I didn't want to wake up from. They even have some clothes and shoes, found the cutest grey pumps and several belts and purses!! UGH, I didn't have much time to shop, as I was running a little bit behind on another quest I was pursuing. I couldn't walk out of the store empty handed, so of course I HAD to buy this beauty to go with my hot pink purse!! There's even a young girls section, which is super dangerous for me with my daughter ~ she loves all things that sparkle ~ a girl after my own heart!! I walked through that section ~ very quickly ~ as I was leaving the store. I suppose I'll have to take another day to really shop both sections & not be in a rush. You definitely want to savor this shopping experience!! Tell me your shopping experience with Charming Charlie's, I'd love to hear & see what you bought or what you want to buy!!

Hope you have a Super Great Day!!!