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Hello to all of you today ~ I can't believe its been a week and a half since I last wrote to you. I decided to take a different approach to this whole blog thing......since I recently started blogging (September 2010 ~ YIKES almost a year ago) when I officially started BellaGrey Designs, I first thought I'd only blog about the business, but as time has passed, I have taken on a new kind of thinking and thought I'd actually put a personal spin on it as well. I think it will work out better & I'll have a way to talk to all of my new friends I've made through social networking. So lets try the new "kinder, gentler side of me" ~ mom of two precious kiddos, a wife of 7 yrs to the most amazing man there is {no kidding!!}, a sister to a wonderful, funny and insightful older sister; a fun loving older brother and a baby brother whom I adore!! My parents just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary {you can see photos here} and I have SEVERAL nieces and nephews {from my siblings and from my husbands siblings}. I LOVE family and they come first!!

My time as been busy planning and preparing for my daughter's birthday party for Saturday {I'll post photos sometime next week ~ promise!!}. I'm going to try to write a post at least once per week, my goal is to write to you each day, but with two little ones, a birthday, end of summer plans and school about to start in a little over 4 weeks ~ my chances of writing to you everyday look slim.....Hmmmm!!! But what is one to do when I get to stay home doing what I love while taking care of those I love, this to me is a pure blessing!!

Without giving away to much of the details of the upcoming birthday party {I want to hold you in suspense for as long as I can.........drum roll please (he he)}, I found the perfect background and tablecloth for the dessert table; sewed two runners in different colors {my daughter's favorites ~ mind you}; scoured the Internet for "how to's" on layered jello and whip cream and have visited my three favorite stores almost on a daily basis!! What three stores are my favorite you ask??? Well, this is one, here's another and another. They aren't listed in any kind of order ~ just my top three. I could be a walking advertisement for all three stores if they weren't in competition with each other ~ he he!! OK, no more details of the party to be mentioned until after the party ~ OK one more, had my daughter's outfit made by three different incredible women whom I admire for their talents and perfectionism!! I'll tell you all about them next week in the birthday post!! Can't wait to show and tell you everything!!! I'm having a lot of fun preparing for the party!!

I hope you like the new format of BellaGreyDesigns blog and will continue to grow with me and give me guidance as needed. I in turn, hope to give you inspiration for your everyday lives as well as for the parties you host or create for your loved ones!!

I hope you have a Super Great Day & know I appreciate all of you!!!