We are so thrilled to introduce you to Local Photographer ~ Christi Mize from Cherished Moments!!

Christi says, "Photography is special to me because it is timeless, it is real and it is personal." She's had the pleasure of traveling the world to take photographs, however her most memorable photographs are the ones right here at home of her family and friends whom she loves dearly.  It's this love that inspires her to capture special moments for other people, of their friends and family so they'll have Cherished Moments that last a lifetime!!

Christi is an amazing photographer!! Please continue reading to see more of her work.

This is just a sample of what she has to offer. Please visit Christi on her website and Facebook page to get information on packages and to view more of her portfolio!! Let her know we sent you to say hello!!

Thanks Christi for sharing some of your incredible work with us!!!

Have a Super Great Day!!!