Circle of moms is looking for the Top 25 Party Planning Moms & I'm in the mix!!!! SO excited about this opportunity!! The list continues to grow on a daily {hourly} basis!! There are some wonderful party blogs on the list and it's a great place to get some party planning tips from some wonderful sources!!

If you don't know about Circle of Moms, here is their Mission Statement:

Circle of Moms is dedicated to making the lives of moms easier and more enjoyable. We help moms connect, both to one another and to their families, to capture and share their children’s stories and to tap a rich and authentic source of advice and support: other moms.

It's a FREE membership to join!!

So if you haven't voted yet you can ~ VOTE HERE!!

We would LOVE your vote, if you Love BellaGrey Designs!! You can VOTE ONCE a day until April 11, 2011 ~ when it ends!!

Thanks SO much!!!